Mavista UAB (a limited liability company) was established in 1996. The company’s main area business is the design and construction of residential and non-residential buildings, sports facilities, and engineering structures.


        Exterior utility networks:

  • Heating supply networks;
  • Plumbing networks.

       Types of construction work:

  • Heating;
  • Ventilation;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Boiler rooms, heating inlets;
  • Plumbing and wastewater collection;
  • General construction work.


        The company has been issued with a Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania Certificate No. 121 for performing said work. Mavista UAB also supplies running and maintenance services for heating devices. The company has been issued with a State Energy Inspectorate under the Ministry of Economy Certificate No. T-0051, granting it the rights to perform heating equipment and turbine maintenance.

        Our staff comprises experienced engineers and technicians, certified construction managers and qualified workers. Throughout the years since its establishment, Mavista UAB has always been a profitable company. High-quality work is ensured in the company in accordance with the approved Mavista UAB construction procedures and the following standards: ST 165787440.01:2012, ST 165787440.02:2012, ST 165787440.03:2012, ST 165787440.04:2012, ST 165787440.05:2012, ST 165787440.06:2012, ISO and OHAS.

        In 2009, in order to ensure successful work, the company has implemented the quality management ISO 9001, environmental safety management ISO 14001, personnel work health and safety management OHSAS 18001 systems.


        Since 2011, Mavista UAB has been among the top 5% of Lithuanian companies based on paying ability ratings.

        Quality, terms, and safety – these notions are of particular importance to us. We always keep our promises and only give out promises we know we will be able to keep. We believe this trait is what allows us to establish long-term relationships based on mutual trust, and to always perform our work with high quality, maximum safety and on agreed terms.


        The Company’s Vision

        To always be an innovative company that uses advanced technologies and is able to guarantee high quality as well as to maintain the agreed deadlines and maximum safety at the construction site.


        The Company’s Mission


     We encourage constant improvement, thus ensuring a high level of competence. We dedicate a lot of attention to communication and maintain a high ethical standard. We always keep our promises, which enables us to deliver the highest level of service to our clients, shaping an important, high-quality environment for business, the society, and the people.



         Our main clients and partners:

  •  UAB „Statybos ritmas",
  •  UAB „Litesko",
  •  UAB „Axis Industries"
  •  UAB „Axis Technologies",
  •  UAB „Mitnija",
  •  UAB „Sumeda",
  •  UAB „Mantinga",
  •  UAB „Mantinga food",
  •  Mocevičiaus firma „Ginalas",
  •  UAB „Binkauskas ir Stašinskas",
  •  Marijampolės savivaldybės administracija,
  •  Všį Marijampolės ligoninė,
  •  UAB  koncernas „Alga",
  •  UAB „Dailista",
  •  UAB „Vilungė",
  •  UAB „Vidara",
  •  UAB „Kegisa",
  •  UAB „Rūdupis",
  •  UAB „Statranga",
  •  UAB "Fildingas",
  •  UAB "Montavis",
  •  UAB „Mačiūnai",
  •  UAB „Kalstata",
  •  UAB „Arvi cukrus",
  •  UAB „Jūrės medis",
  •  UAB „NIT",
  •  UAB "Sūduvos vandenys",
  •  UAB „Caverion Lietuva",
  •  UAB „Doleta",
  •  UAB "Talagna",
  •  UAB „Apšildymo ir ventiliacijos automatizavimo centras",
  •  UAB „Eltalis ir Ko",
  •  UAB „Bioprojektas",
  •  UAB „Marijampolės pieno konservai",
  •  UAB „ICECO",
  •  UAB „Ugira",
  •  UAB „PakMarkas",
  •  UAB „Eltecha".


UAB „Mavista"
Gamyklų g.3A,
LT-63103 Marijampole,

Phone: +37065284141
    Fax: +37034397318
E-mail: rimantas@mavista.lt
Company No.: 165787440
VAT payer No.: LT657874418


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